T - Team Wales - we are a small connected and very proud country – when you come to us for an event – know that we are all team Wales – you will also find incredible support and advice from our team at Meet In Wales – whether that is securing speakers from our local government, working with ambassadors for association events or putting you in touch with the perfect suppliers to make your event a success.

H - Hiraeth - is almost impossible to translate – a longing for home, the need for the spirit to reconnect with Wales – when we are far away we all feel it – and once you have experienced an event in Wales we think you will feel it too – but don’t worry we will be very happy to welcome you home again …

I - Industry and trade - we are a small nation – but our industry has been the backbone of the UK and the world.  Now we excel in different areas – our strengths in trade and industry have made Wales a prime opportunity for investment across a range of sectors – and so when you bring your conference or event to Wales there will be a community here waiting for you.

S - St David - not just a sentimental or nationalistic figure – St David – the Patron Saint of Wales made a plea to do the small things well.  This is a pledge that you will find has been made by all the venues and suppliers that you work with in Wales – our heartfelt determination to do the small things well is what makes an event in Wales a big success.

Staff member exhibiting Welsh food and drink on the Wales stand.
Red eye of dragon with white and red scales of face.

Wales at IMEX 2019 and dragon's eye at Caerphilly Castle 

I - Impact - a land of stunning natural beauty with miles of lush and verdant countryside, pristine beaches and sea, mountains, lakes and castles this is a country with incredible visual impact.  While majestic the impact of an event in Wales is beyond the views, it lies in the time and space to free yourself, breath and think clearly.  We like to think that our venues – heritage and contemporary -pack a punch too, along with our vibrant, youthful cities.

S - Sustainability - no lip service here – Wales is one of the first countries to write its commitment to sustainability into statute.  Our research into sustainable energy, food production and fuel sit at the core of many of our key industries and Wales leads the world in research in many of these areas.  We value our air, our clean, green spaces, our venues dedicated to lessening the impact of events and we think you will too.

Aerial shot of a beach and buildings with a mountain in the background.
Trams going up and down the water balanced railway.
A man canyoning down rapids wearing safety gear.

Beach at Porthdinllaen with golf course above, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and canyoning on a Low Carbon adventure holiday with Adventure Tours UK 

W - Welsh language, history and culture - Welsh is the most spoken of the Celtic languages and wherever you go in Wales you will hear it spoken, keeping the national and cultural identity of Wales alive.  Known as a land of song, Wales also has a rich heritage of literature and art, proud of its traditional culture it is now a leader in the UKs creative industry with many well-known film and television productions developed here.  The history of Wales has at times been turbulent, and over 600 castles around the country bear testament to that – our national symbols of the Leek, Daffodil and Red Dragon have their origins on the battle field. Wales is a proud nation, not just by carefully guarding its heritage and culture but in the heart and soul of everyone following the Wales national rugby and football teams. Visitors will certainly find it a country like no other, bringing this to your events either through venue, entertainment or activities will give a true sense of place.

A - Adventure - North Wales is known as the Adventure Capital of Europe – with some of Europe and the worlds most challenging and adrenaline inducing activities.  Throughout Wales there are opportunities for thrill seeking groups to test their nerves whether on water or land, rock climbing, coasteering, zip-lining, mountain biking and exploring the deepest accessible spaces in the UK can all make up part of your adventure in Wales.

L - Laverbread - Food and Drink in Wales - if you are lucky enough to be offered this delicacy – perhaps as part of a very traditional Welsh breakfast – don’t miss out!  Wales has a number of unique treats to offer visitors – not least the peculiarly addictive Welsh Cakes – don’t be fooled into thinking you can just eat one!  Alongside that, as you would expect with its rich agricultural and farming heritage, as well as clear and fruitful seas, Wales prides itself on the very best local produce.  Alongside this Wales is home to its own award-winning vineyards, distilleries and artisan food producers of all kinds.  Offering a taste of Wales is a wonderful way to enhance your event and is sure to delight your delegates!

E - Education and Academia - home to a total of eight universities, many recognised internationally for their excellence in research, Wales is at the forefront of many national and global projects to advance areas such as life sciences, technology, renewable energy and manufacturing. Ensuring a community for your events, our world class faculty can support the success of an event in Wales. Outside of our universities, Wales also has its own conservatoire, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, an invitation to this exceptionally talented institution to perform at your event would elevate any programme.

S - Synergy - we know how to make your event come together and utilise the strengths of our country to make it unforgettable.  Wales is more than a sum of its parts, events here are special – we hope to be able to welcome you to Wales very soon to experience our wonderful country for yourself.  This Is Wales.

The Welsh flag flying outside Castell Coch.
A man on a viewing platform looking down at adventurers zip lining down an old quarry.
A university hall lit up and laid out for a gala dinners for an awards evening.

Castell Coch, Zip World and Bangor University

Hear from our Head of Business Events

A message from Heledd WIlliams, Head of Business Events Wales introducing Wales for business events.

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