The Cardiff Collection, three heritage-style venues in the heart of the City.
Cardiff City Hall is set in the heart of Cardiff’s Civic Centre in the capital city of Wales. City Hall is part of The Cardiff Collection along with Cardiff Castle and The Mansion House providing a range of venue options across the city.

A venue with a taste of both history and modern-day style.
The hall opened its doors in 1906 and still stuns with its impressive façade in the English Renaissance style dominated by the 194-foot-high clock tower. Interiors are equally impressive with highly decorative Edwardian style and a permanent display of art spanning 150 years.

A range of talked-about spaces for special events.
The ornate interior décor is an impressive pre-set backdrop for any meeting or event and a real conversation piece for attendees. The hall has venue credentials galore and has hosted meetings and events for royalty, celebrities and, of course, political leaders.

An iconic building best used alongside others in The Cardiff Collection for a true city-wide welcome.
For a grand and over-stated gala dinner or celebratory event, the Marble Hall delivers the “wow” factor. But make sure to use the public and shared spaces of this special venue to give attendees a real feel for the history of the building.

With a total of 18 stand-alone spaces and able to accommodate 600 people, this is a venue with real capacity for meetings and events with exhibition, display or experience elements alongside. The central city location provides the range of accommodation choices required to support larger and multi-day meetings and events.

Cardiff City Hall played a starring role in Roald Dahl’s ‘City of the Unexpected’ event, following a weekend of city-wide events, crowds gathered in front of City Hall to witness a spectacular light show projected onto this magnificent building.

Two Peregrine Falcons nest in the Clock Tower of City hall. Named Gavin and Stacey by a local school, visitors can watch them swooping down from the tower and watch the Peregrine Cam trained on the nest which gives great close-ups.


To find out more about Cardiff City Hall, speak to Meet In Cardiff the convention bureau for Cardiff. Or you can contact the team at City Hall directly via e-mail or call +44 (0)2920 871736 to speak to a member of the team.

People sat around tables looking toward a speaker and screen in a grand hall.
A group of people mingling and socialising in a grand hall with pillars.

Assembly Hall

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