Let the outdoors in

Tour name: Wild Wellness Retreat

Duration: four days / three nights

Objective:  reward, well-being

Bespoke group rate: dependent on group size

Physicality rating (1 easy - 3 hard): 1 easy

Availability: March to October 

Nurture your mind, body and soul on this nature wellness retreat. Nestled deep in the heart of leafy North Wales you'll find the perfect escape in the great outdoors. Step back into nature and escape the crowds. Allow yourself precious time to relax, to unwind, to reconnect with your world and to re-wild your spirit.

Four days of natural wellness, zero-hassle and all this included:

  • Immerse yourself in nature to escape your daily stresses
  • Three nights accommodation in beautifully-appointed bell tents
  • Daily yoga class focused on mindfulness, meditation and breath
  • Stand up paddleboarding on the beautiful waterways of Llangollen
  • Foraging to forge a deeper connection with nature
  • Storytelling around the campfire
  • Stargazing under the dark Welsh sky
  • Collect fresh eggs from the resident hens and pick your own fresh vegetables
  • Simple, wholesome food provided every day, all your meals included
  • Local guides

For adventurers who:

Want time to harmonise their mind, body and soul on a sustainable nature retreat. No experience of any activities is needed. Perfect for rewarding hard working teams and high achievers, or simply bringing the team back together.

Day one

Relax, we've got you

Arrive in Corwen ready to check in to your cosy bell tent between 16:00 and 17:00. If you require transfers from the airport, train station or ferry port, please do contact us to make arrangements prior to travelling.

Home from home

Your home for the weekend is a beautifully-appointed canvas bell tent set amongst the lush hills of North Wales. Each tent has three comfortable beds, complete with luxurious bedding and blankets to keep you cosy at night. With the log burner lit, nowhere has a greater sense of hygge.

Our venue has everything you need to make your nature retreat just perfect:

- communal firepits for captivating storytelling

- outdoor seating for gazing upwards at the starry sky

- hot showers to get you set for the day ahead

- communal cabin for yoga practice and group experiences

Campfire stories

After a delicious wholesome evening meal together, local storyteller Fiona Collins will welcome you to Wales with mythical tales around the campfire. From fiery dragons to Tylwyth Teg, our mischievous fairy folk, Wales is a country rich in folklore.

Bell tents in the evening with lights on.

Bell tent accommodation under the stars with Adventure Tours UK

Day two

Wholesome and soulful

Breakfast is a simple and social affair of cereals and fresh fruits served in the cabin.

Once breakfast has settled, Poppy Backshall will be your instructor for your first yoga session. Focusing on creating a sense of mindfulness, her gentle meditative flow is the perfect way to begin your day with a sense of calm. Learning the art of Pranayama breath control in yoga provides an invaluable tool to take away from your wellness retreat, empowering you to maintain that sense of calm in other areas of your daily life.

The purpose of your wild wellness retreat is to allow you to create time and space for yourself. So after yoga, enjoy time to yourself before rejoining the group for a delicious lunch.

A natural balance

After lunch we'll take you to the nearby picturesque town of Llangollen. Here you'll experience the zen art of stand up paddleboarding in the tranquil setting of Llangollen's waterways. Surrounded by nature, use your new yoga balance and breathing techniques to help you maintain the perfect position and paddle effortlessly. The simple art of balance is a powerful act of mindfulness, empowering you to close out all distractions and truly focus your mind.

All fired up

Back at your hillside retreat take time to relax. Perhaps explore the wildlife areas on-site or simply kick back with a good book, before enjoying delicious rustic pizzas from the wood-fired pizza oven.

After dinner we'll take a nighttime stroll, appreciating the dark stillness of the night and the ethereal beauty of the stars above. Learn how to identify the constellations and understand more about the phases of the moon.

Day three

Nature's bounty

Breakfast will be served in the cabin as usual before setting out on a gentle walk around the retreat site with your foraging guide, Sheena Corrie.

Sheena runs the site with her husband Jamie, and together they know every inch of its 20 acres. With their expert guidance, learn which of nature’s wild plants are edible and how you can enjoy their delicious taste and health benefits.

As the seasons change, so do plants. So what may produce a great flower in spring, can go on to bear delicious fruits in autumn. Others have tangy leaves in the summer, perfect for a wild salad or a soothing herbal tea, while their roots impart delicious flavours in the winter months.

Understand the delicate balance of nature’s own larder and you’ll feel so much more connected to the Earth. Once you’ve learned to forage, every walk becomes a mindful act and a wonderful meditation in its own way as you study your surroundings for a seasonal taste.

Gathering up your harvest, together we'll prepare something delicious that you can take away as a delicious memory of your Wild Wellness Retreat. Perhaps a wild herb vinegar or a Gorse flower cordial, depending on what you forage.

Person smelling flowers foraging.
A day spent foraging with Matt Powell in woodland, foreshore and beaches in beautiful Pembrokeshire.

A foraging experience,Wales

And breathe...

Enjoy a tasty lunch before your second yoga class of the retreat with Poppy Backshall. Continuing to work on mindfulness, meditation and breath, you'll learn the tools to continue your practice long after your wellness retreat is over.

As you know by now, time for yourself is as important as your shared group experiences. So take a break for a few hours to enjoy your natural surroundings.

The wild kitchen

Dinner this evening will be a hands-on event! Head to the kitchen garden to select your fresh seasonal vegetables and ask the resident hens nicely if you can take an egg or two. A range of other local ingredients will be provided so you'll have plenty to work with. Gather back around the campfire to prepare a group meal together. It's a simple pleasure, yet one that's been all but lost from our 21st century lives. Chop, chat, simmer and smile as you work together to create something special. A celebration of nature. A celebration of friends.

Marshmallows and chocolate

With a full stomach and a full heart, kick back around the fire. Toast marshmallows and sip hot chocolate as you bask in this wonderful outdoor life you've become one with. We encourage you to look back on your weekend and contemplate together how you'll take away the things you've learned.

This is more than a weekend retreat, this is a toolkit for a more mindful life. One where your mind, body and soul are harmonised with nature. Your life, rewilded.

Day four

A new beginning

Take your final morning at your leisure. Enjoy breakfast together in the cabin and spend a little time relaxing in the wilds of Wales one final time. Expect the retreat to wrap up around 12:00.

After a soulful few days together, share the hugs and share your details. Spending time in nature is to be cherished.

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