The latest opening on the Welsh restaurant scene, ‘Tir a Môr’, at the five-star, voco® St. David’s Cardiff, is offering an incredible ‘Welsh Dining Experience’. The three-course menu proudly showcases the culinary heritage of Wales, and has been created using fabulous produce from the country’s fertile valleys and coastal waters. It is the perfect opportunity to really enjoy a true taste of Wales for your Business Event.

Celebrating the stunning local produce of Wales, the Welsh Dining Experience at Tir a Môr offers a truly sublime taste of some of the finest foods the country has to offer – a real treat for those with a passion for quality, locally sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients. It is a must for foodies, who will be able to enjoy classic dishes from the Tir a Môr menu, including Pembrokeshire crab cakes, Welsh lamb and Bara Brith pudding.


Lamb dish with jus and vegetables and a glass of red wine
Beef Tartare dish
Goat cheese with beetroot dish

Tir a Môr food dishes

Meaning ‘land and sea’ in Welsh, Tir a Môr is inspired by its location, notably the breath taking views of Cardiff Bay and Penarth Marina. Executive Chef, David Woodford, has created a menu of dishes which combine his signature style with the country’s traditional culinary heritage. Giving classic dishes modern interpretation, David has created a menu of Welsh favourites, inspired by the land and sea of a nation he’s proud to be part of.

With the city a major foodie destination, Tir a Môr adds a real touch of elegance to Cardiff’s culinary scene. Working with fantastic local suppliers at source, Tir a Môr delivers a truly impeccable Welsh Dining Experience; championing the very best Wales has to offer. 

chairs and tables set up in the Tir a Mor restaurant
chairs and tables set up in the Tir a Mor restaurant

Interior images of Tir a Môr

Whether staying at voco® St. David’s, Cardiff as part of an incentive trip or at the venue for corporate meetings; Tir a Môr offers a chic dining experience in Cardiff’s most luxurious destination. Even the drinks menu is inspired by the spirits of Wales, with signature cocktails like the ‘Coctel sur Bara Brith’ (Bara Brith Sour) and the ‘Coctel Hen Ffasiwn myglyd’ (Smoked Old Fashioned) made using Devil’s Bridge spiced rum and Penderyn peated whisky.  Nestled in the heart of the landmark voco® St. David’s - event delegates you won't want to miss out on this dinning experience.

drink being poured into a cocktail glass
drink being presented with smoke

Tir a Mor cocktails

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