With a diverse range of sectors and specialisms in Wales, we are proud to showcase some of our leading Conference Ambassadors in Wales. 

Computer Science and Compound Semiconductors

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Alberto Roldan Martinez

Senior Lecturer in Computational Chemistry and Catalysis, Cardiff University

"Nestled amidst Wales' captivating cultural legacy and breathtaking landscapes, the nation is a nexus of both tradition and forward-thinking scientific pursuits. Hosted at Cardiff University, the Cardiff Catalysis Institute and the Net Zero Innovation Institute shine as beacons of innovation, standing proudly as state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to pioneering research in the chemical sciences. Enriched by this dynamic intersection of heritage and cutting-edge exploration, I take pride in contributing to this landscape. It is a privilege to align my endeavours with global initiatives, collectively steering towards a future marked by sustainability, environmental consciousness, and technological advancement."

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Dr Christine Zarges

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University

"I am very proud to host Evostar, the leading European event on bio inspired computation, at Aberystwyth University in April 2024. The Department of Computer Science has a strong history in developing artificial intelligence methods, theory and applications, with heuristic optimisation and bio-inspired computation being one of its main areas of expertise. I am thrilled to welcome colleagues from all over the world to this beautiful part of Wales to exchange ideas and initiate new research collaborations. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase our world-leading research alongside Welsh culture.”

Professor Simon Robinson

Computational Foundry, Computer Science, Swansea University

"I am thrilled to be able to bring the 2023 Congress of IKT-International Association Curators of Contemporary Art to Wales. Part of a 500-strong global network of content makers and cultural leaders, the delegates will travel across North Wales and grasp the contemporary visual culture that artists, curators, museums, galleries and producers are bringing to a wide audience, internationally. As part of the Congress, a day-symposium on art and advanced technologies (AxAT) with key international experts in the field is also taking place. Wales is synonymous with cutting edge technology and culture, thus is the natural home for such gathering of thought leaders."

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Otar Akanyeti

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Aberystwyth University

"We are interested in creating nature-inspired, sustainable technologies to push humanity forward, and looking forward to bringing IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics to Wales soon."

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Professor Jianming Tang

Professor of Optical Communications and Director of the DSP Centre of Excellence, Bangor University

"The DSP Centre has been hosting many national and international events. I am extremely delighted to have the opportunity as an Ambassador in this programme to encourage more global participation for our expanded events in Wales. These events will create unique platforms showcasing our world-leading research, exploring fruitful collaboration opportunities, accelerating the process of transferring technical know-how into markets, and providing a wide range of digital skill training to people of various backgrounds."

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Dr. Phoebe (Phoey Lee Heard) Teh

Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Computing at Wrexham University, senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), UK and former Professor in Social Computing at Sunway University, Malaysia

"Embracing impermanence and treasuring the present, I am thrilled to share news of my new role in Wales, UK. With over two decades of international experience, I eagerly embrace the opportunity to serve as an ambassador, showcasing Wales' breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture to the world. I am enthusiastic about leading efforts to enhance participation in the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems at Wrexham University, UK. My goal is to bring together global partners and delegates, offering them a firsthand experience of Wales' beauty and charm."

Creative Industries

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John Jackson

CEO, Esports Wales

"As the CEO of Esports Wales, I am honored to champion the spirit of competition and unity that esports fosters. In the virtual arenas of gaming, we redefine boundaries and celebrate diversity. Together, as ambassadors of Wales on the global stage, let's showcase the resilience, skill, and camaraderie that define our esports community. Embracing the digital realm, we pave the way for a future where passion knows no borders, and Wales stands as a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving world of competitive gaming."

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Adam Amor

Director, Bufoon Media

"Wales offers such a diverse range of venues and locations to host events. Whether you're looking for a city centre spot in the heart of our capital or a space to take in our breathtaking landscapes. We really have it all"

Dr Alfredo Cramerotti

Director, Mostyn and President, IKT International

"I am thrilled to be able to bring the 2023 Congress of IKT-International Association Curators of Contemporary Art to Wales. Part of a 500-strong global network of content makers and cultural leaders, the delegates will travel across North Wales and grasp the contemporary visual culture that artists, curators, museums, galleries and producers are bringing to a wide audience, internationally. As part of the Congress, a day-symposium on art and advanced technologies (AxAT) with key international experts in the field is also taking place. Wales is synonymous with cutting edge technology and culture, thus is the natural home for such gathering of thought leaders."

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Richard Hebblewhite

Senior Lecturer in Games & Media Wrexham University, Director of Games Talent Wales, Global Regional Coordinator for Global Game Jam

"With a vibrant indie games developer culture and growing AAA industry, there has never been a better time to choose Wales as your preferred destination for all things games and digital creative related. The blend of national university and city infrastructure, talent development programmes and key games industry growth provide a platform for success. Through my leadership roles at Wrexham University, Games Talent Wales and Global Game Jam, I have seen first-hand the rise of Wales’ importance as a key player in the growth of indie sector both nationally and internationally. Whether you are seeking to invest, relocate, access new markets or grow your networks, Wales has much to offer in terms of creative talent and technical expertise with a host of diverse industry bodies and events. With our rich cultural heritage, awe-inspiring scenery set against the backdrop of growing cities and communities, Wales has to be on your list of places to be when planning your next step.

Professor Andrew Hiscock

Professor of Early Modern Literature/Dean of Postgraduate Research, Bangor University

"Wales has so much to offer when welcoming conference delegates: excellent facilities, wonderful cultural attractions and a nation rich in historical heritage. It makes a perfect location for major events."

Cyber Security

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Professor, Dr Christian Kanuert

Chair of Policing and Security and Director of the International Centre for Policing and Security, Faculty of Life Sciences and Education, University of South Wales

"Wales is an integral part of Europe with strong historical, cultural and political links to many countries in the European Union. EuroSim is an annual international inter-university simulation of the European Union, whose purpose is to provide a framework for a partial simulation of a major EU issue. American and European visiting students will get an opportunity to experience the great sites that Wales has to offer for tourism and leisure. It is such a great pleasure to bring the World to Wales."

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Dr Juan D. Hernández Vega

Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University

"Colombian-Spanish roboticist who, after living and working in several countries (Colombia, Spain, Netherlands, USA), decided to establish and develop his academic career in Cardiff. I will be happy and proud to promote Wales as the perfect destination for academics in different stages of their career. I also look forward to bringing some of the most relevant international conferences in robotics to Wales."

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Professor Simon Middleburgh FIMMM MIntP

Co-Director of the Nuclear Futures Institute, Bangor University

"Nuclear technologies have the potential to provide clean, reliable energy to support Wales’ ambitions to foster a green economy and improve climate and nature, whilst encouraging investment into future industries. Additionally, nuclear medicine produced and developed here in Wales will accelerate and support the growth in health and wellbeing outcomes vital for a prosperous Nation. My team at Bangor University is striving to meet the potential of nuclear power here on Earth and out into space, developing systems and enabling materials for exploring our solar system and supporting life beyond our green, pleasant and mountainous land."

Food and Drink Industry

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Dr Rhian Hayward MBE

Chief Executive Officer, Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus, Aberystwyth University

"Aberystwyth, located on the west coast of Wales, is a beautiful university town with exceptional seaside views contrasting with state of the art locations for meetings and tours of technical facilities. A perfect retreat, while on the main train line from Birmingham and London, for think tanks/round tables, focus groups and symposia as well as larger conferences, Mid Wales has lots to offer to create a wonderful, balanced event to satisfy."

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Arwyn Watkins OBE

Managing Director, Cambrian Training Company and President, Culinary Association of Wales

"By continuing to showcase Wales to the World it can not only benefit Wales, but it can create the opportunity to make sure that every day is a learning day irrespective of your country of origin or background."

High Value Manufacturing

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Professor Stephen Eales

Co-Director, Cardiff Hub for Astrophysics Research and Technology, Cardiff University

"Astronomy is one of the most international research fields and our work links Wales to the rest of the UK and to the World. In 2023 we host the UK National Astronomy Meeting and will welcome 500 astronomers to Cardiff. From there we plan to stage a series of events that will bring astronomy out into our communities."

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Dr Tim Davis

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Hub for Astrophysics Research and Technology, School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University

"Wales is a spectacular country, with natural grandeur, welcoming people, and state-of-the-art facilities. Meetings here allow attendees to go from discussing with world class researchers one minute, to exploring a thousand-year-old castle the next; building collaborations and cementing relationships from which the next breakthroughs will come. Offering to host over 600 professional astronomers for the UK National Astronomy meeting here in Wales was a no-brainer for us – Wales has everything we need to make the meeting memorable, and scientifically productive."

Life Sciences

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Dr Lee Parry

Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at School of Biosciences, Cardiff University Joint Lead Personalised Prevention at Wales Cancer Research Centre

"With the pandemic changing the nature of meetings and events, we lost the opportunities that arise from in person meeting, socialising, and networking. Wales has the ambition and capability to help us all realise the potential of these interactions in state-of-the-art facilities with opportunities for delegates to immerse themselves in the culture, entertainment, and our wonderful natural environment. I am privileged to be an ambassador for my country and contribute to the shared effort to attract globally important meetings and events to Wales. Fellow ambassadors are leaders in their respective scientific and academic fields and we are ready to take our place as the convenors and hosts of these important, in-person reunions to help drive progress and innovation."

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Cheryl Allsop

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of South Wales

"Wales is the perfect destination to host the International Conference for Missing Adults and Children. Delegates will benefit from state-of-the-art conference facilities during formal sessions whilst having access to all that Wales have to offer on the conference fringe be that socialising or sightseeing. Wales has something for everyone, making it the perfect choice for this prestigious international conference."

Dr Nic Hooper

Lecturer of Psychology, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

"I’m ecstatic about the prospect of introducing my international colleagues to Wales. When they arrive, they’ll see that the beautiful landscape, friendly people and variability of activities are matched by cutting edge expertise in Psychological Science."

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Dr Matthew Turner, FRCA

FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Gwent and Grange University Hospitals

"I was delighted to work with colleagues from around the UK to bring the Obstetric Anaesthetic Association annual meeting to Wales in 2022. We were pleased to welcome colleagues from across the UK, Europe and the world, to meet face to face, network and learn at a world class venue in Wales."

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Dr Liba Sheeran

Reader, Director of Innovation and Impact, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University

"Wales, an aspiring beacon of well-being, places high importance on the health of its people. With that commitment, we invest in cutting-edge research and innovation to pioneer novel interventions. Our expertise extends to the forefront of musculoskeletal pain conditions, leading in developing solutions that empower individuals with back pain and arthritis to restore function and enhance their quality of life. In our pursuit of excellence, we warmly welcome international collaborations, inviting industry leaders and researchers to join us to advancing research and accelerate its translation to positively impact health and well-being worldwide."

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Dr Petros Mylonas BDS MMedEd PhD SFHEA

Clinical Lecturer and Speciality Training Registrar in Restorative Dentistry, Cardiff University Education Senior Fellow

"Wales is a fantastic destination for any dental conference or training event as it boasts many world-class and state of the art facilities and venues. As council member for the British Endodontic Society I was immensely honoured to work with my colleagues in bringing and organising the British Endodontic Society 2022 meeting here in Cardiff – this brought a national and international crowd to Wales and the feedback on the conference, venue, and city was fantastic! As President for the South Wales Branch of the British Dental Association I am proud to be organising our annual national conference here in Cardiff."

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Claire Parmenter

Director of Professional Practice (Hydra Research and Innovation Centre), University of South Wales

"Wales is a great place to visit and work, and I am proud to support in championing Wales as a destination for business events. As the Director of Professional Practice at the Hydra Research and Innovation Centre, University of South Wales, the Centre has the potential to provide new avenues of research related to decision making and outcomes to support organisational development. Our goals include to create impact through applying quality research methodologies to make real world differences."

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Professor Martin Steggall

Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation, University of South Wales

"Wales has a strong history of collaboration in research, innovation and education across the UK, Europe and World, and has much to offer as a conference location, not only for the quality of the venues and environment, but also for the warmth and friendliness of the people."

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Professor Paul Mullins

Professor of Neuroimaging, School of Humand and Behavioural Sciences, Bangor University

"Having hosted the first international symposium on functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at Bangor University in 2023, we are already planning for the follow up for 2025. North Wales has such a lot offer as destination for scientific conferences: World class facilities and research at our Universities; Amazing local sights and activities in and around Eryri and Ynys Môn; and excellent locations for social events and formal dinners where attendees can sample local produce and culinary talent. I am looking forward to hosting more events, and welcoming even more people to this very special part of the world."

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Mr Ro (Rohit) Kulkarni MBBS FRCS

Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

"I feel honoured to be part of the Ambassador programme trying to showcase our Wales as the first choice for conferences and meetings. It is no surprise that to this day the 2004 British Elbow and Shoulder meeting held at the Celtic Manor is still considered to be the best annual conference of that society. As an ambassador to ICC Wales I have found it very easy to convince people and organisations to consider Wales because of its great natural beauty, friendly people and quality of venues and facilities.."


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Allan Trow

Manager Dark Skies Wales and former senior lecturer in astronomy, University of Glamorgan

"As a former Senior Lecturer in Astronomy at the University of Glamorgan and now Manager of Dark Sky Wales - an astronomy tourism and education business. I have long been a champion of Wales and all that it has to offer business and leisure visitors. The opportunities to stay beyond conference and explore the beauty of Wales - land and sky – gives Wales a real edge over other conference destinations. Your delegates will thank you for introducing them to Wales."

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Professor Agustin Valera-Medina

Director Net Zero Innovation Institute, Cardiff University

"Ammonia is emerging as a future zero carbon fuel for decarbonisation of the global economy. Wales has been proudly at the forefront of research into how the chemical can be deployed at large scale and hosted the 1st Symposium on Ammonia Energy. Delegates from 25 countries were amazed with the beauty, infrastructure and advancement that Wales can provide to the world."

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Professor Wolfgang Maier

Professor of Earth Science, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Cardiff University

"The mineral deposit research community has been hosting International Platinum Symposia since 1971 at different venues around the world including Toronto, Helsinki, and Johannesburg. Now is a perfect time to invite academic and industry researchers and practitioners to attend the 14th International Platinum Symposium. Delegates can catch the latest research on magmatic ore deposit genesis, exploration techniques and sustainability/social acceptance and take part in exciting field trips right here in Wales."

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Dr Karina Marsden

Lecturer in Soil Science, Soil and Environmental Science, Bangor University

"Wales provides a great destination for international conferences in the fields of soil science and more specifically, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. I look forward to exploring opportunities to bringing high profile and prestigious conference events within these themes to Wales and showcasing what we have to offer."

School of Business and Management 

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Associate Professor Denis Dennehy

School Research Lead, School of Management Swansea University

"Wales plays a strong role in global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related research and places high importance on regional development. For example, the Wales and Africa grant scheme funds and builds projects that support learning, the exchange of skills, joint working and tackling climate change, and showcasing the mutually beneficial this partnership. Wales is an excellent destination to host the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS23), conference theme ‘Technology and Analytics for Global Development’ for two key reasons. First, it aligns with the international strategy of the Welsh government that set out ambitions to establish Wales as a globally responsible nation through building and growing sustainable partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa that support the delivery of the SDGs. Second, Swansea University, located on the southwest coast of Wales is the ideal venue to host this international conference as it provides a platform to showcase the best of Welsh culture, and hospitality to international conference delegates."

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Jonathan Fry

Lecturer in Business and Management, Aberystwyth University

"I am looking forward to undertaking this Ambassador role as I have an undergraduate degree in Events Management as well as an MPhil research degree and am currently working towards a PhD in the field of events. I am not only passionate about the subject but also have a passion for promoting Wales as an events destination. It is pleasing to see that the closely related field of Tourism is featured as a key sector for this programme. The locations in Wales I have a particular affinity to are Cardiff and Aberystwyth, having grown up and studied in Cardiff and now working as a lecturer at Aberystwyth University."

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Melinda Mulcahy

Super-Conscious Catalyst, Curiosity Expert, Founder of The World Curiosity Organization and Curious You

"Within a culturally rich Wales, tradition and innovation intertwine seamlessly, fostering a thriving hub of pioneering exploration in technological, scientific, and creative sectors. Pivotal think tanks and forums facilitate intellectual discourse and collaborative brainstorming, allowing diverse voices to cultivate cutting edge ideas, exchange perspectives, and forge innovative solutions. What weaves this vibrant tapestry so seamlessly is your #1 Success Trait - Curiosity - that drives creativity and inclusivity, inspiring a healthy culture of exploration and diversity. The World Curiosity Organization is honoured to contribute in shaping this ever-evolving and exciting landscape, collaborating on global initiatives for human and planetary well-being and advancement."

Business - sport

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Steven Osborne

Principal Lecturer, School of Sport & Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

"Wales has a proud heritage, deep-rooted appreciation, and passion for sport, which has nurtured world-renowned athletes and successful sporting teams. The nation's network of higher education institutions and iconic sporting venues offer inspiring locations to host international conferences and summits to engage academic and industry leaders in progressing contemporary research and innovation agendas that will positively impact the global sport and physical activity industry."

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Gavin Price

Director UK/Europe, Sports Diplomacy Alliance (SDA) Sports Diplomacy Expert, Bond University, Australia

"Wales-Cymru is already a leading player in global sports diplomacy and cultural relations, thanks to a collaborative Team Wales approach between the Welsh Government, businesses, academia, sports sector, and civil society. With successful international engagement programs at events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 Rugby World Cup, as well as existing relationships with partner nations, cities, and regions, Wales is well-positioned to generate knowledge exchange. Its progressive policy agenda and significant global sporting footprint make it a compelling destination to attract conferences, trade, culture and political delegations, and prestigious events like the World Congress on Sports Diplomacy or Australia-UK sports diplomacy dialogue."

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Wesley Skene

Founder of The Welsh Fitness Expo - Welsh Fitness Classic & Welsh Fitness Games. (BA - MSc)

"The Welsh Fitness Expo is incredibly proud to bring the best of the Welsh, UK and Global Fitness community together. Wales is a huge undiscovered country of commercial, athletic and academic talent. The Welsh Fitness Expo is keen to highlight the talent that's on display in Wales, the opportunities that exist and the benefits of working with and in Wales."

Technology and Society

Professor Andrew McStay

Professor in Technology and Society, School of History, Law and Social Sciences, Bangor University

"Wales is unique, having law dedicated to protection of the wellbeing of future generations. My interest is in how current and future generations can have the best of emerging technologies, especially those involving artificial intelligence. This involves understanding citizen feeling about new technologies and applications, advising data protection authorities, and leading development of ethical technical standards to advance governance of artificial intelligence, especially as they apply to gauging and interacting with human emotion and psychology."

Dr Beverley Pickard-Jones

Lecturer in Psychology, Bangor University

"I am thrilled to be part of the Ambassadors in Wales programme. This initiative allows us to spotlight Wales as a hub of academic excellence and an ideal place to host colleagues from across the world. Together, we can highlight Wales' commitment to innovative research and education by bringing together experts to collaboratively define the strategies that will shape the future of psychological research."


Deborah Jenkins

Lecturer of International Tourism & Events and International Hotel Management, University of Trinity St David (UWTSD)

"I’m delighted to have the opportunity as an Ambassador in this programme to encourage more global participation for conferencing and events in Wales. Growth in the hospitality industry and growth in Wales as a wonderful destination for MICE events is important for the future of our students as well as for the future of Welsh tourism. By introducing the Welsh culture and heritage that encapsulates the friendliness of hospitality to the rest of the world with many state of the art facilities in wonderful environments as part of these events, is a way to drive this future potential forward to make lasting memories."

Jaqui Jones

Programme Manager & Senior Lecturer in Events & International Tourism Management, University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD)

"I am passionate about Wales, proud to be invited to become an Ambassador and excited to start working with fellow Ambassadors to showcase our beautiful country to business event professionals. The goal is not just about attracting more global conferences to Wales but developing the next generation of event professionals to create successful and memorable events and a lasting legacy for tourism in Wales."

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